Tips for Buying

Tips for buying: Get pre-approved for your loan before beginning the home-search process. We are happy to help you find a lender who is best suited to your needs.

Buy a home you can really afford. It’s important to calculate this precisely by factoring in how your income, expenses, and debts will affect what you can afford. It is not wise to stretch yourself too thin, and then struggle with being able to furnish your new home as you’d like as well as maintain it over the years.

Find the neighborhood that is right for you. We can help you narrow your options, and once we have done so, you may want to consider picking the best neighborhood you can afford and select a house in the lower or middle end of the price range in that neighborhood. A strong neighborhood will actually raise the value of your home and add to your quality of life as long as you remain there.

Take a look into your future. Whether you are thinking about starting a family in a few years, or retiring and downsizing it’s important to think about what your future may hold and buy accordingly. This of course not only factors into the house itself but also issues such as school zones and work commutes.

Establish your needs vs. wants. Some things may be optional while others may not. Talk this over and have a plan for those items you cannot live without vs. those you can choose to add or upgrade later.

Work with a professional REALTOR®. Whether you decide to partner with us or not, make sure you have an excellent realtor helping you with everything from the understanding of sales agreements to contingencies such as inspections, financing, etc.

There is much that can go wrong with a real estate transaction, and it’s smart to work with folks who have the knowledge and experience you need to guide and coach you through the entire process.

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