About Us


Marty Warren

Accomplished. Meticulous. Knowledgeable. Aggressive.

Marty has a real estate eye for detail like no other. He is known for listening closely to your wants and needs and incorporating that into a direct plan of action. He has 30 years of residential real estate experience and has been in and out of more homes than imaginable. His excellent reputation is well known and he has been recognized as one of Middle Tennessee’s top agents for many years.






Matt Warren

As a 45 year resident of Nashville, and having literally grown up in real estate, this business comes naturally to Matt. With over 20 years’ experience as an agent himself, he is absolutely “ in the know” on all types of real estate-from downtown lots to suburban homes, and everything in between.

He has a great way of simplifying the process and has a true passion for taking care of his customers, down to the smallest detail. He is also aggressive enough to ensure clients are getting the most out of their investment dollars.




Nancy Warren

Organized. Stylish. Knowledgeable. Straightforward.
Nancy knows this area like the back of her hand. She has enjoyed the opportunity to live, work and play in West Meade, Green Hills, Franklin and Brentwood for years. She knows the schools, commute time frames, neighborhoods, and everything in between. Today she manages almost every detail of the daily operation of this client focused team known as Warren Bradley Partners







Wendy Warren

Vivacious. Family-Minded. Knowledgeable. Compassionate.
Wendy has also lived in Greater Nashville for the majority of her life. As a Mom, she knows all the details of public and private schooling in the area. Wendy and her husband have lived in both Green Hills and Oak Hill and currently live along with their daughter, Mary Wallis in Brentwood. She has first-hand knowledge of all the details you need which will aid with your decision of making a wise neighborhood selection for your family and you. She is now in her twelfth year of providing clients with exemplary service.







Doug Bradley

Doug Bradley is both a licensed Realtor and licensed General Contractor. His knowledge of construction is an invaluable resource to our team and our clients. Doug is a natural with a strong understanding of the local real estate market and keen ability to analyze data and numbers.